Online Casinos Evolution Must Offer More Honest Advice

Trust is an important factor in deciding whether to meet new people. It’s a simple fact. How do you decide what to do when you are looking to buy a house or a new computer? Ask someone for their help. For example, if you are looking for advice on a house, you will need to ask a lot of people. These could be anyone from friends and family to agents and realtors. Of course, you have every right to. It’s an expensive outlay. It also impacts your life experience. It will be a reminder every time you open the front door that you have chosen the wrong house.

You might also enjoy more intimate moments like a dinner with your partner. You’ll regret your decision if you take the wrong advice or choose the wrong restaurant to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion. You won’t have a romantic end to the evening.

Casino Genie is an independent online casino aggregater. They recently published some very surprising results. The bottom line is that online casino customers are dropping by thousands each day.

Jon Hingston from Casino Genie is the Customer Satisfaction manager. He said, “Our survey of 2,500 players from more than 100 online casinos showed that players desire a more personal service. Trust is the most important criteria for that personalized service. The players want honesty and integrity. This will not only cost casinos more to manage, but it will also have a positive impact on their bottom line. Survey results show that customers will stick with casinos 5 times longer if the customer service is good. Now we need to find out how we can help casinos provide this enjoyable and satisfying experience. “.

Why trust is so important. Are we talking about gamblers who are just trying to make money? No. Hingston told us that the majority of gamblers are novices. A large number of people are intimidated by the complexity of online gambling. The language used is confusing, and they feel lost. They must be your friend if you want to make online casinos advocates for life. Do not act like the school friend who taught you English cricket or baseball rules without laughing at your mistakes 온라인 카지노. You will both be able to enjoy the game more together.

Casino Genie interviewed just over 1,400 online casino players who had been playing for less than 12 month. Only 24% were loyal only to one casino. Over 62% have played at more than one casino.

It was interesting to note that 48% of the players who gambled for over 12 month had still played at four or more casinos. 78% of those who gamble online cited poor customer support as the reason they were so fickle. Only 4% had found a site that they were completely loyal to. This is the real killer fact. Every single one of these 100 customers stated that their loyalty to their casino was due to their’superb customer care’. This makes it seem like a great customer service. Why isn’t it like that in my casino?

One of the 100 players did not play at a Top 20 casino. These smaller casinos are smarter and more responsive and they’re playing the boutique game to be competitive in this sector. And it’s starting to make an impact.

Let’s now get to the trust issue. Another statistic was revealed by the survey. 82% of respondents said they would go to an online casino recommended from a friend. 68% of respondents said they would go to an online casino recommended by friends if it was highly recommended.

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