Betting Systems – Don’t Trust Everything You Read

Scammers, charlatans, and salesmen are all too common in betting systems. They promise the world but fail to deliver. Internet fraudsters make millions every year by ripping off vulnerable punters with false systems and promises.

It’s time for me to stand up and fight back. I will expose the tricks used to strip punters of their hard-earned cash every day.

Before I start, I want to point out that not all sellers of betting systems fall within the above categories. There are legitimate sellers selling genuine systems. Some may even employ all or some of the strategies shown below.

How do you determine which betting systems are legitimate? Let’s look at some of the sales techniques used.

A) The Headline

Nearly every sales page will have a headline that has been professionally written to grab your attention immediately and whet your appetite.

Many headlines will include huge profit figures and outstanding strike rates.

These are actual web pages that have been used as examples.

Introducing the system for the decade: PS193,870 profit in just 11 months with stakes of only PS33, PS50, and PS100.

– I make over $12,000 a week betting on sports. You can discover the secrets of my sports betting system in less time than it takes to eat dinner.

Problem is, betting system sellers don’t explain how much it takes to make these profits.

If betting system salespeople truly believe that they can guarantee profits, then why would you need to include the earnings disclaimer on every sales page?

B) Fake Testimonials

Nearly every sales page will include testimonials from previous customers praising the system’s success and profitability. Don’t believe everything you read. It’s amazing to me how often a new system is introduced and yet there are testimonials from past buyers. This one is a bit tricky.

You will often notice that the testimonials all have the same grammar and spelling errors if you pay attention. They almost look like they were written by the same person.

Cross promotion testimonials are another powerful tool for system vendors.

They get another seller of a betting system to write a positive testimonial and then they link the testimonial to their sales page to promote their betting system.

Are you sure they care about what they write? After all, they are receiving free advertising.

You wouldn’t believe it if I said that most websites you see are owned by the same person who uses a different name for each of their betting systems.

This is more common than you might think, so it makes sense for cross-promoting as explained above 원화.

C) False Accounting

False accounting is the most nefarious tactic that many system salespeople use, in my opinion. This can be done in many ways, and I’ll just briefly outline some.

1. Betting system sellers often ignore losing bets. They instead show a list with recent winning bets at reasonable odds.

2. Another option is to show a quick shot of a winning period. This will usually show a complete breakdown of the results

In a short time, I was able to capture screenshots of real betting accounts. Let me tell ya

All systems have winning periods now and system sellers can use this advantage to their advantage. I’ve seen websites that still use snapshots from many years ago. It is the long-term profits that matter and a short winning period does not count.

3. Many system sellers neglect to mention the staking plan that is used with the system. How many times have we bought a system to bet on and found out that it requires a larger bank than Barclays in order to run it and make the weekly profits?

These tips are my hope.

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